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Experience The Freshest Menu Selection for Event Catering in Fort Lauderdale

There’s a high level of expectation that goes into organizing a corporate or social event in Fort Lauderdale. You could have the perfect location, presentation and facility to create an unforgettable atmosphere. But if you don’t have a delicious selection of food, it can turn great event into just an ordinary experience. That’s why your choice of event catering in Fort Lauderdale matters. When it comes to the freshest and highest quality of cuisine for formal or social events, nobody does it better than Culinary Artz Catering.

Not all catering services in Fort Lauderdale are the same. Depending on the event, it’s vital to have the right food for appropriate occasion. You wouldn’t serve the same food at an office event that you would find at a wedding. That’s why it’s important to choose a caterer in Fort Lauderdale with a wide selection of food items along with a long track record for customer satisfaction. What separates Culinary Artz Catering from the competition is the menu quality, versatility and attention to detail. The catering service in Fort Lauderdale offers five different levels of unique menu packages for a variety of occasions along with a starter’s menu, classic and elegant buffet.

Culinary Artz Catering also takes the time to update its food items to create the freshest menu for event catering in Fort Lauderdale. Among the new popular dishes available is the Signature Sirloin. It’s a delicious and succulent new item consisting of top sirloin or beef slow roasted for 12 hours with a medium doneness finish. Served with Merlot Demi-Glace, with or without mushrooms, it’s just as tender as filet mignon and it’s now available at a valued added price.

With more than 50 years of combined catering experience, chefs Michael Jasa and David Chase have organized and catered hundreds of weddings corporate events. They’ve created and perfected a unique system of catering services in Fort Lauderdale which combines excellence in both food quality and presentation. No event is too big or small. Culinary Artz Catering can provide the following types of event catering in Fort Lauderdale:

  • Wedding catering in Fort Lauderdale
  • Office catering in Fort Lauderdale
  • Party catering in Fort Lauderdale and much more.


Don’t just host an ordinary event. Make your corporate or social gathering special. Whether it’s party catering in Fort Lauderdale or food for a business meeting, Culinary Artz Catering has everything you need for an enjoyable experience. Discover the freshest menu selection for event catering in Fort Lauderdale today. Call the professionals at Culinary Artz Catering.

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