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Anthony R.

March 18, 2018


Having thanked you directly both by phone and by email following our New Years party January 1, 2018, I felt it deserved that we also share our thanks and our comments with the rest of the social media world by, at the very least, sharing our prior email and our sentiments of your service on Facebook as well. Having a fairly busy calendar and traveling nationally on business far too often, I haven’t had a chance until now to once again, thank you and your staff, namely Reynaldo, Richard, Millie and Sara for what turned out to be a most wonderful and successful New Years party at our new home in Davie, Florida.

As a tradition, wife Joan and I have been hosting New Years parties in South Florida every year over the past 5-years now, mostly holding the parties at Martorano’s Restaurant at the Hard Rock Casino & Hotel in Hollywood, Florida. But, this year, with the purchase of our new home in Long Lake Ranches, we wanted to host the party at our house, but I was fearful of knowing no one in your field whom we could trust, whether it be from the food side of things or the service side. After all, many of the attendees are, in addition to being dear and valued friends and family, very important people in their own fields of business ranging from interior designers to builders like myself to movie and theater moguls and their families. And so, I wanted everything to be just right, starting of course with the most important thing and that is the food.

Simply stated, you knocked it out of the park!!! Your food was absolutely divine and its presentation perfectly flawless. The stone crab and shrimp martini glass hors-d’oeuvres were spectacular as everyone complimented us on it, while your lollipop lamb chops were just to delectable, and you nailed it even further by making sure that not only my wife, but several others at the party who like their meat well-done, were served their meat just the way they like it.

Being Italian, we know our food and the one thing for which we are certain is that good food trumps everything when it comes to hosting a party. It trumps venue, ambiance and even service. And once again, your food was sincerely exquisite. From the hot butter squash shooters, which truly were a conversation piece to the chilled chicken salad hors-d’oeuvres and the midnight blue-cheese and caramelized onion sliders, even your finger food was superlative, complimenting our sirloin entree which was absolutely choice.

Your cooking truly is amorous and you were so diligent and thoughtful in helping us put together this party, assisting us with everything from dishware to cutlery and even floral centerpieces. Dealing with you was serenity and your guidance and direction on the food to the layout and service put our lives at ease.

Finally, Joanie and I want to comment on your service. Your team and your staff who were all consummate professionals and they truly helped make the party even that much more special. From Richard behind the bar to Reynoldo, Millie and Sara at your side, the service was impeccable and your staff felt like family, becoming friends with our guests throughout the night.

In closing, Joanie and I are so excited because we found our local Chef and Caterer not only for our own personal parties at the house like this one, but I am relieved as I found our Chef and Party-planner for our corporate celebrations such as, but not limited to our local building topping-out parties, ground-breaking ceremonies and ribbon-cutting milestones not to forget our South Florida holiday parties and the likes.

You Michael Jasa and Culinary Artz are truly a culinary work of art and the name of your company couldn’t have been chosen to be more fitting. Thank you so much for your food, your service and helping us put together our first party at our new home in Davie, as we look forward to so many more with you, Culinary Artz and the terrific team with whom you surround yourself.

Many thanks.


Anthony and Joan
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