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Rasslerva, May 2015

This caterer works with you to make your wedding day a feast for family and friends. They were able to meet a near-impossibly short deadline–for a wedding of 20. For a larger group with on-site services I would expect a longer lead time would e required–but with their enthusiasm and resilience they do pull off miracles. Hot items were delivered hot, with clear instructions on how to keep warm in my oven. Cold items were delivered cold. Special instructions were give on handling a cake with butter cream frosting. All this wonderful service could have fallen short if the food did not match the service.

I am VERY HAPPY to say that the food well exceeded expectations!. The meal was delicious and the pastry chef did an outstanding job creating a cake that met our flavor preferences.

PS They understand the requirements for Kosher separation of meat and milk, and limited horderves containing shell fish. They asked about allergies up front and respected them. For example, I am allergic to cantaloup and most melons–they produced great fruit skewers that I was able to eat with pleasure–and no worries.

They are A+++ Out to serve the customer; and exceed customer expectations.

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