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What Does it Mean to Have the Freshest Catering in Fort Lauderdale?

Offering the best event catering in Fort Lauderdale involves more than just serving the most food. At Culinary Artz Catering, we believe that every event needs the best food. We start with the Catering Fort Lauderdalerichest flavors by using the freshest foods and arranging them in the most professional presentations. By offering catering services which bring all the elements of flavor, freshness and presentation together we’re able to cater any event with the most decadent food around. If you’re planning an event from a large wedding all the way to a small family dinner, consider calling on the best catering team around. Our expert chefs at Culinary Artz Catering can cater events big and small with delicious food and great service.

During the spring and summer months, our menu is all about light and fresh flavors. We’ve designed 7 unique menu packages, each with countless delicacies across many culinary landscapes. Some of our favorite fresh menu items include:

  • Watermelon Gazpacho Shooters
  • Falafel Sliders
  • Shrimp Ceviche
  • Broiled Fresh Catch
  • Baked Brie in a Puff Pastry
  • Chicken Piccata

Our diverse menu is available in various presentations. You can have butler-passed starters, cooking stations such as a pasta bar, carving stations and even a paella station. We also offer classic buffet options or sit-down dining presentations. You can rest assured that no matter which service style you choose, your event will be completed with the most appetizing food and professional presentations.Wedding Catering Fort Lauderdale, FL

When it comes to offering the freshest catering in Fort Lauderdale, our experts at Culinary Artz Catering believe that variety is key. In addition to our truly diverse menu options, we can also customize menu items to your specific tastes or dietary restrictions. We also regularly change out items depending on what’s in season, helping ensure that our chefs only work with the freshest foods available. After all, fresh flavor is the best seasoning.

Our decadent event catering is ideal for events of all shapes and sizes. We can cater home parties, small gatherings or family reunions. Our experts can cater your birthday, or even offer anniversary party catering in Fort Lauderdale. We’re also seasoned wedding catering experts, we can help ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch. Our years of experience have given us the unique knowledge and skill which leaves us prepared to cater any event, big or small. If you’re ready to host an event that’s beautiful, elegant and downright delicious, give our team a call. We can get started on your unique customized menu of the freshest flavors.

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